Reverse Seared Rib-eye steak

Thought I’d share a cook I did on the weekend. My absolute favourite steak and cooking method, I never get sick of it! Usually served with some fried or mashed potato and asparagus, and some sauce (red wine jus has been getting a work out lately).

If you don’t know already, reverse searing is a cooking method where you cook the steak slowly until it reaches a specific done-ness internal temperature, and then sear off the outside when you’re finished. This gives you an evenly cooked to however you like it, with the tasty grilled outside and nice texture and smell.

First, start off with a good steak. I picked this up from the new Low n Slow Meat Co at Morningside in Brissy. If you haven’t been there yet, I highly recommend checking it out. They have a crazy good range of BBQ supplies and the butcher there is great.

Here’s the steak! This was around 650 grams, enough for two adults.


I used the Lanes BBQ Brisket rub to try it out, usually I just rub with salt and pepper. Lanes BBQ have lots of great rubs, I’ll definitely be using this on my next brisket cook!

It’s important to let the steak sit out of the fridge for at least 30 minutes so that it cooks evenly all the way through.

Meanwhile I heated up the Weber Kettle for indirect cooking (one basket of coals) and cooked until 50 degrees C internal. If you prefer medium, you could let it cook from anywhere up to 60 degrees. Using this method your steak will be very tender all the way through regardless!

This took about 40 minutes, and then I seared first in the cast-iron pan you can see in the picture which had been heating over the hot coals, and then directly over coals for the grill marks. Overall about 90 seconds on each side. I turned it while searing to ensure even coverage.

Ready to serve!

And here’s dessert :yum: This stout was fantastic, love the flavour combination. And that artwork :ok_hand:

What’s your favourite steak? Got any hot tips for how you like to cook it? Share your recipes! I’ll write up the red wine sauce recipe some time, goes great with steak cooked this way as the smoky charcoal flavours marry well with the red wine.

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