New Brew Thursdays

No better way to welcome in the weekend.

Mountain Culture Lost At Sea

Loving this. Blueberry sours are great, this has quite a lot of body too and nice balance between a sour and salty gose flavour.

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Does Friday count - nice balance of hops with the toasty malt


Those Sleep When You’re Dead beers are always good! Haven’t had a Black IPA in ages.

How about Wednesday @kenz0r?

Loving this coopers stout, always goes down a treat on the cold nights!

This is a nice slightly different stout :slight_smile:

I had a tin of that last week. I like the concept but really wish it was more roasty to balance the sweetness!

It’s been a loooong time since I’ve had a Black IPA, this is great!

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Tis stout weather today!


:heart_eyes: I was there this arvo! Must’ve just missed you mate. Let us know what the stout is like.

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I saw that mate! I think I was maybe a half hour behind ya!..I’ll let you know once I crack it open


Picked this up after visiting Slipstream a couple weeks back, also got the BA Anniversary Ale III from last year which I’m looking forward to trying!

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