Go-to Neapolitan pizza dough 🍕

I’ve been using this recipe for a while now and it’s really fantastic. I don’t think it’s a true Neapolitan recipe and I don’t have a pizza oven to make it really shine, but it’s just consistently tasty and makes great pizza. It makes either three biggish doughs or four medium size ones; they freeze great as well if you just want to use one:

It’s done by Kenji Lopez-Alt who started out as a writer for Serious Eats. He has a YouTube channel with a lot of great cooking videos and his late night series are fun to watch (but don’t watch late at night when you are hungry!)

Last weekend I made a Detroit style pizza with this dough that was frozen, here is the result. It may not be pretty but goddamn it was delicious!:

And a simple Margarita with mushroom from earlier this year:

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Love this!! My recipe is very similar except I tend to give it a bit of olive oil, maybe out of habit? That Detroit style looks great, will have to give it a go. Margherita is the go to style in our household too. Can’t go wrong with that.

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Ah yeah I usually give it a little bit of olive oil and when I refrigerate overnight it’s in a bowl with olive oil rubbed around the sides. Refrigerating at least overnight is key, makes it so much better.

With Detroit style, you stretch the dough in a baking tray with a fair amount of olive oil on the bottom. Then you put your toppings on the dough, then the cheese, then the sauce. Make sure you put a lot of the cheese near the edges so it goes nice and crispy, that and the sauce on top make the Detroit style. Burns the hell out of the roof of your mouth so watch out! :fire:

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Interesting, we used to do this back in the pizza shop I worked in for a part time job (very fun!). I haven’t tried that myself, definitely something to try next time since we usually know ahead of time that we’re making pizzas.

Wow the Detroit method is really different, a backwards pizza! What’s the intention behind the ordering I wonder?

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Not sure but I know it’s in a square pan cause they used old oil pans from the auto industry there. Also I think in true Detroit style they use cubed cheese?

Do it!! Will change your life. Dough gets a lot more supple and bubbles easier. You can leave it for as long as 3 days I think in the fridge.

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Ok, I tried with the dough in the fridge overnight and it turned out awesome! I didn’t follow the recipe in the link but it was pretty close to what I did (thermomix recipe).

Fresh after proofing

After the overnight rest and warm up

End product. We’ve got some vegan cheese on half the pizza as Amber isn’t eating dairy at the moment.

The bases were amazing! Biggest difference I noticed was how easy it was to roll out a thin base. The dough was much less tight than it can be normally, so it rolled out well and stayed flat. Lovely. Thanks for the idea @asoberirishman

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Yup that’s it! The dough is a lot softer and easier to work with. Makes thin crust waaay easier. And I reckon it would work so well in a pizza oven.

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