Chicken Tikka Masala Skewers

A regular come winter time this Chicken Tikka Skewers is super easy and tastes unreal cooked over the coals!

First up you want to grab at least 500g Chicken thighs, my go-to when using chicken, just has that extra flavour being a bone-in section of the bird.

Make up the sauce to marinade the chicken using these ingredients below.

1 :lemon:Lemon Zested & then Juiced
4 Cloves of Garlic Minced or finely chopped
1 TSP of Smoked Paprika
2 TSP of Garam Masala
4 Tablespoons of Greek Yoghurt

Mix well and set aside.

Cut the chicken up into cubes to your desire, thread onto skewers and place in a dish large enough so the skewers all sit flat and not on-top of each other, you want the sauce to give good coverage and stacking the chicken will only cause un-even coverage!

Next up , whilst the chicken is marinading, fire up them coals and get them roaring!

My go-to when cooking hot & fast is my Weber Go- Anywhere , it packs a punch for such a small and portable unit & holds some serious heat.

I use this handy skewer set made by Weber that works perfectly with the Go- Anywhere but could be used on just about anything!

Toasted some naan bread after the skewers were done and served up with a basic refreshing sauce of

1 Lebanese Cucumber diced
1 Lemon Juiced
4 Tablespoons Greek yoghurt
Mix well

& A Simple salad on the side
Snow peas
Lebanese Cucumber
Mixed Salad leaves

Served up on the Toasted Naan bread it’s a sure favourite :ok_hand:

Unfortunately I haven’t much in the way of fancy crafties in the beer fridge at the moment so the ol’faithful Coopers Pacific Ale did the trick :call_me_hand:


These looks epic! I can only imagine how good that would smell when cooking :heart_eyes: we’ll definitely have to give these a go. Also a big fan of chicken thigh, keeps moisture and flavour so well especially when grilling.


The little craggly burnt bits are the absolute best :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: and you’re right, the smell is unreal!

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I bet they are! Do you make the naan bread too?

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I have in the past but being a mid-week cook these are just the ready-to-go packet ones. I’d love to cook these skewers and add them into an actual curry next time, would be absolutely unreal :heart_eyes::drooling_face:

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